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Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary
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sandyhookelemschool_resized.jpg As a graduate of U-High (K-12), I can not recall ever feeling insecure or fearing for my safety ... never ... unheard of and out of the question.

This is a rallying call to our members to weigh in on this topic. If you want to be heard, please click on "Contact Us" tab on the menu bar, far right and type your comments or contact the Web Shepherd directly. Be sure to read what Tony Reid (retired principal), Barbara Gladwell Wilken (retired educator) and Ann A. Philips (writer) have posted on their Face Book pages.  They are graduates of U-High.

Tony Reid , class ’63, retired school principal.  

Barbara Gladwell Wilken , class ‘ 64, retired teacher  

Ann A. Philips , class '64, writer

- Web Shepherd

Feedback from other members ... click on read more button below.


Help me find my hat
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bridgethughes.jpgMy name is Bridget Hughes and on Monday November 26 at around 12:30 a.m. I was at the B7 gate in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport waiting to board U.S. Airlines flight 2918 to El Paso.

My flight was cancelled. In all of the chaos that ensued me getting my new ticket and my hotel voucher I lost one of the most valuable things I own.

It is a simple knit brown floppy hat from the Gap (pictured below). My mother passed away from Breast Cancer when I was 7. This is the hat she wore most often during her chemo treatments. My aunt gave it to me when I moved away after I graduated from college. It was one the only possession of hers I could constantly carry with me. I checked the gate the next morning, the hotel, and my shuttle van.

It was nowhere to be found. I've contacted the Phoenix Airport Lost and Found, but I doubt I'll hear back from them. So, I've turned it over to the power of social media, all for a hat that represents the fierce goofy independent spirit of a woman that is my mother. If anyone is willing to just share this status, I'll be really grateful. 

Web Shepherd:  Please take time to read Bridget Hughes' Face Book page  and post an encourgement.  When things look the worest, along comes a beautiful story of hope and courage via social media.  This is what we are all about. 

UPDATE: 12-01-2012 8AM CST. Bridget's social media post on Face Book has gone viral. Her story has been picked up by the TV networks and News Press. This morning, her Face Book page has more than 194,000 shares, 9,841 comments, and more than 30,000 "likes". For more information, visit the following:

                                                                                                                              Nation Now

                                                                                                                              Daily News

                                                                                                                              CBS Chanel 5, Phoenix, AZ  

                                                                                                                              York Daily Record


The Junior Commandos
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Who can name these youngsters in this photo taken almost 70 years ago? Hint: they are part of the Thilly Ave Gang and two of them are brother and sister who attended U-High.


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