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Returning to "Normal" ... update on the Sam Russell family Print E-mail
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The Russell Family: Brie, Nori, Neav, Sam & Fionn.

A New Normal !!

One year ago, on June 28th, Sam had his accident. This year, that date proved to be a much better day for all of us as we gathered in Sam and Brie's new home. The night before they spent their first night together at 6632 Tartan Trail, Bristol, WI 53590. Sam was able to return to his old routine of putting his daughters to bed, tucking them in and then retiring to his own bedroom with his beautiful wife.

What joy for them all.

The party to celebrate the move into a new accessible home for Sam and his family was a huge success. The house is beautiful, the food and fellowship was great. I was so happy that my brother, Walt, Mary*, Jennie, Isabel, Oliver and Sam's friend Scott were able to attend.

It was nice to have some of our family there to celebrate this new beginning. We celebrated all of the girls' birthdays at once. I took photos of course, and here's the link.

So, today feels like the start of a new year for us. We're so proud of Sam and Brie and the strides they have made to make a new life for themselves and their amazing family. We're anxious for all of us to have a new normal.

Check out the Welcome Home Sam site for new pictures, too.

Thanks for helping us get through this past year. We appreciate all of your support. Have a wonderful Independence Day. We will certainly celebrate Sam's new independence this year.

Thanks to all of you for your support of our son and his family.

- Love, Mike and Nancy [Gerard] Russell (Class 67 & Web Tester).


Web Shepherd - Nancy submitted this article on Tuesday, July 1, 2008. The following photos were submitted with a previous post. Enjoy.




















































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